Work for love


I heard this cliche “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

And then I began to think: Work is the ability to get the desired results.

Why not to work for love instead? If you work for love, you’ll find what results the world needs and are able to give it.

Life is about giving after all.

Work to love.

“You can’t burn out as a giver, as long as you see the impact you create.” – Adam Grant

Remember though that you cannot give what you do not have. You’ve to take care of yourself first. It’s your own well being that limits your giving. The more you take care of yourself, the more you are able to give.

Work on yourself also to give more.

The more you give, the more you’ll receive in the end.

However, do not give to receive. Do not attach to the fruits of your labor. Attachment causes suffering.

Practice to give without an attachment. That is unconditional love. You’ll learn to love the process of giving, giving is joy in itself. And if something comes back that is joy as well.

Then life will be a pleasant surprise.

Work for (unconditional) love.

Exciting Life


Uncertainty can be a torment or bliss.

When you grow and adopt growth mindset, you’ll start to invest more which means taking risk and working to reduce the chances of failure. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Uncertainty is always present.

Then at times, you’ll know you will probably win. Or you will know something will probably happen and you’ll start thinking how could you use that something to your and everyone’s advantage.

When you grow, you’ll learn. Through the learning you’ll see. When you see the future as exciting potential you are living an exciting life. Every morning starts to be exciting, because exciting opportunities start to appear here and there.

Suddenly your attention is not on what whet wrong, but what can potentially go right. Of course your still work the basics right and work to reduce the risks, but you will start to see the potentials.

Seeing the potential, and living the potential to something it could become, something more or something surprising is what makes life exciting.


Some thoughts, that life should be exciting. Exciting takes work, we need to learn to see the exciting and the potential. Or that’s at least the path I’ve had to walk: to see all the potential.




Growing Through Surprises


Today I underwent an interesting part of interviews, which was in itself already important in terms of learning and clarification. In itself the event let me understand that randomness, uncertainty and chaos are desirable for those who wish to grow.

Out of uncertainty, the creative and courageous can create something of value for all.

I realized, that I want to be in situations like that: where I feel like I’ve some sense of competence and control, yet there is randomness and much to learn. Zone of uncomfort and uncertainty is necessary for growth. Beyond uncomfort zone is the panic zone, which is too far. We need to have certain sense of skill and control, from which we can venture into unknown to.

We grow the best when we manage to survive something we did not think it was possible. It’s like getting lost, but knowing how to read map and compass. First thing you do is to find where you are on the map, and then start to navigate your way from there.

Surprises are surprises, because we did not think of it. It’s something we are not able to imagine. Surprises have impact, because there is something that we did not think could be. Immediately it puts our consciousness to adapt to the new situation.

In healthy doses, surprises are awesome spicy, the spice of life.

From Adversity of Life, Build Your Castle of Happiness


There are a lot of unexpected events in life. Overall life is just way too complex and quick for our minds to grasp, so we have to make a lot of shortcuts in our thinking, which then leads to these surprises.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Positive surprises are the spice of life. However, sometimes especially adversities can feel bad and crushing.

A lot of our life will be determined by how do we respond to the adversities we face. There are mature and immature defense mechanisms that are running in all of our lives. We can choose how to respond to these adversities.

All things will pass. That’s life in a nutshell. We cannot save suffering or joy in a jar. We should live and enjoy life as it is. Suffering is the sign that we are alive, and when we are alive we may suffer for a while, but only until our good deeds bloom.

From whatever life throws at us, we can build our happiness.

Transforming awful wake up into wonderful opportunity

Good morning!

Today I was planning to sleep in a bit. Of course I failed to take into account the facade repairs that are going around my house at the moment, and thus I get a nice wake up around seven o’clock as construction workers start their machines.

I felt tired, stressed and annoyed. My unreal expectations had met with reality. I considered my possibilities for a moment and I didn’t like them, so I lay down again and think for a while.

Now finally some helpful thoughts begin to stream into my mind. As first I remember yesterday’s coaching about setting goals from there where you are. I began to apply this thinking of accepting where I am now: so I probably cannot sleep anymore, however I can have a nap later.

Next the pressures of life and stress were dominant. I was feeling inadequate about about work and results.

To counter this thought I just consider a moment: Are we really just our results? Thinking this aloud made the thought sound silly, of course we are not. Although I think our emotional parts of the brain like simple stuff like that to feel secure. Another thing related to the results came in mind from yesterday’s coaching was results are never higher than effort and effort depends on your beliefs. With these thoughts it was easier to get going on with today’s effort and creation, which is the thing that matters.

There was still a final bit of key thought that occurred to me again and transformed my morning: forgiveness. Forgiveness has this amazing power to unleash our potential. Firstly I needed to forgive the construction workers who had woken me up. They were doing their work anyway, so who was I blame them? Even though thoughtfulness is a skill of virtuous people, it’s not gonna increase in the world by yelling, shouting or blaming.

By accepting the current situation, I was able to calm myself and focus to what’s possible.

Then instead of stressing out, I chose to understand that effort in right places is what matters to get the results, therefore I am safe now.

Finally I chose to forgive to the reasons that had raised the annoyance levels. Root cause was in unrealistic expectations.

After these steps I am feeling more like open, relaxed and inspired. I took earlier wake up as a chance to do a bit of drawing, then I watched a few videos from School of Life (I learned about that channel yesterday from a friend) and finally of course write this article. Truly productive morning!

So these themes have proven their value for me in life and that’s why I also want to share them with you. Remember forgiveness is a way forward. Mahatma Gandhi put it the weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

Let’s wish for strength to be strong.