Peccatum originale & apokatasis panton



Blessing bestowed,

Life to be enjoyed,

Within the limits issued,

How long until you are bored?


Cast a blessing, cast a light,

What remains in the other side?

Shadow, shadow of a man,

What potential there see you can?


Something in the darkness, where the light cannot shine,

Will you turn and will everything be fine?

Dare you to explore the darker side,

And leave the comfortable, warm light.


Can there be good intention in offense,

Or are we just stuck in a form of pretense?

Do you have trust? Do you have faith?

We all must grow, to become something great.


You are me, me are you.

Two vices and one virtue.

How one can exist without the other, is good to argue?

There are no angels, there are no saints.

Not without the animal, remember the grace.


Knowing when to start,

Knowing when to stop,

That’s the key for raising the crop.


Story of perfection,

Is more like a reflection,

That makes truth seem like a deflection


Morally superior,

Willfully right,

Who we are to judge?

What is wrong, what is right?


Power to give,

Power to sustain,

Yet, who has the power to refrain?


Complying seems meek,

Doing wrong seems weak,

Where is the peak?

Where is that virtue we seek?


Through wrong we grow,

New karma seeds we sow,

Status away we throw,

Desires to ourselves we show.


What happens next,

To start from nothing is a test,

No time to rest,

Virtue is the best.


Tired to play,

Tried that way,

And now please pay.

By going away.


Back to work, back to pit.

If you might take one blessing with you, what would be it?

Grab the tit,

or grab the grit.


Foolish one you are, for grabbing the tit.

At least fun you have while working in the pit.

Enjoy the fires, all around you lit.

And the smell of shit.


What is shit, but the manure for the paradise?

Joy and success are just a disguise.

Can above the sin anyone rise?

To the gods, we are lice, with the habit of dice.


Comfort we seek, yet change we need.

Where is the end of the greed?

Where is the power to be freed?

Is there Graal, the ultimate mead?


Fooled by men,

fooled by gods.

Totally broken,

With minimal odds.


Start again,

Start from zero,

You have all the Zen,

You are on a journey of the hero.


You are marked,

Negative example,

A whim of a shadow, also something positive sparked.

Others this do not yet see, yet you have it in ample.


Darkness and light,

Weakness and might,

Too much, and none,

What is done, cannot be undone.


Where is the understanding? Where is the truth?

Become what you seek in your quest for youth.

Building Positive Momentum


When life goes well, let it be that way.

Change is such a buzzword. Change happens all the time. If you think about it in our experiences we tend to think change either as a) good b) bad.

Depending in the culture you are living in, you might have more or less bias towards action. Some cultures prefer a lot of action right away where are others are more of the ‘wait and see’ types.

There is no right or wrong.

When it comes to living a life where you feel good because of your actions, you’ll need to learn to recognize what is desirable and focus your limited actions to reinforcing that good. Often times no action is required: when things are well – let them be.

Too often we sabotage our own wellbeing.

Action is not always the best solution. Sometimes inaction is good solution too.

Do not confuse inaction with laziness, that’s a different breed. You’ll need to learn to recognize what kind of action creates waste and what kind of action creates value.

Either you need to focus on building more and more value, or find someone to who your waste is value. These both are rather good options.

You have limited time and focus. Use these limited time and focus to build something meaning, something positive and reinforce that positive momentum.

Once you’ve the positive momentum going, do not touch. Just seek to build on it. Build on every success you’ve, one brick at a time.

What Do You Choose?


Present moment is continuously streaming opportunity to decide and act on wiser decisions.

You can direct your attention that which is right with the world. Or then you can decide to focus on what is wrong.

Today I had an interesting thought: I can either focus on what I don’t have or then I can choose who I am going to jogging with. This internal dialogue had to do with the realization that I can literally choose the thoughts I am going to jogging with by choosing the audiobook for myself. We are living in the world of plenty where there is more great time tested ideas available for all of us than ever has been in the history of humankind.

You have a choice. Now what do you choose?

Ignorance Everywhere


Ignorance rises every morning when we wake up.

Therefore to we must start our inner work in the morning to be mindful about this ignorance. Simplest way to become mindful about the ignorance is to take a moment to reflect what are the most important events of the day, what virtues you need there and what could go wrong.

Today I began my commute by meditating and I realized it’s good to focus on what can go wrong but also what should go right.

We can only start the journey where we are. And we do not have accurate world views. The difference between what we think we are and how the world is, can be a shock at times. Sometimes it’s not because we were wrong, it’s because something has changed and our world view hasn’’t.

Living by the truth isn’t easy, however it’s the way to live by. Ignorance cannot stand the truth.

When we shed light to our ignorance, only the true understanding remains.

As we become more mindful about our ignorance, we will gain more accurate sense of the world. Yet world is every morning different than it was when we left it as was. Something has changed.

We are all ignorant, that’s the first step to become mindful about.

What We Focus on, Grows Stronger


Focus is magic, for that which we focus on grows stronger.

I.e. if you focus on value, you are more likely to create some value as well.

If you focus to the irrelevant, then you are likely to be a distracting force around others.

Conscious focus is powerful human ability. Ability to consciously learn to focus habitually and effortlessly makes us exponentially more powerful.

In his book Focus Daniel Goleman writes “our own inner voices are our biggest distraction.”

If our ability to focus determines what we can achieve in life, we seem to be our own worst enemies. It’s a bit similar thought to Ryan Holiday’s “ego is the enemy, every step of the way.”

Amplification of that which we focus is strange, wonderful and powerful. It’s our choice how that power will serve us and it’s our responsibility.

Personally I’ve found both great suffering and great joy from focus. It’s our habit of relating with our environment that directs our focus. Often I’ve found that I am in environment that does not support optimal focus.

In human constructed environments there are often other interests than my true long term wellbeing. Shopping malls or supermarkets for instance have a hidden agenda and great effort have been put there together for specific products to have my attention.

In home environment I’ll try to arrange it so that the powerful thoughts have a lot of my attention, thus I’ve arranged life board in a visible part of my room so that I’ll get back to it often. I believe it’s from these thoughts that better life will sprout from. Making these thoughts into actions, actions into habits and habits as my character. Eventually this will become my life.

It’s our decision to choose where we focus: is it that what is right with the world, or what is wrong with the world?

Light in Blight



Life is full of uncertainty and unexpected. Some of this makes it joyous and exciting, while at times it can be difficult to deal with.

Most common forms of obstacles are failure or experience of failure. Failure is impermanent and there is always something to be learned.

Success is nice when we reach it and while at it, yet success is as impermanent as is failure. If we forget to stay open and humble we will inevitably fail. Thus the success contains a seed of destruction within.

Failure either as it is or after a great success can get us to a dark place. Yet in the darkest days, the rays of hope can be seen most acutely: there is always hope as long as we are alive.

In fact most of the life is like that: we are facing something, then we fail and it is literally what we do after the failure that defines and makes us. It’s how we respond to the failure. If we choose to learn, stay humble and keep building ourselves up, we will succeed – there is no question about it.

Most importantly we shouldn’t be doing anything for success or not, we should do it for the greater good, for the opportunity to do what is true, right and beautiful. We should do the right thing because that is in our potential, that is the virtuous action in practice. That is our best godlike nature in action.

Life is Better than We Think


Through my practice with each day expectations and actual outcomes, the outcomes are no doubt better than my expectations. It’s easy to be afraid of the worst case, yet if the fear becomes crippling then that’s too much.

In the past, I guess due to this thinking style, I’ve chosen not to do many things and skipped several others so I know the crippling fear and anxiety very well.

With the expectation and outcome thinking tool, where I write each morning my expectation and after the day the outcome, I am creating myself evidence how many times I’ve been wrong. So far it has been always.

So now I’ve learned a bit question my own expectations and feelings: I am not my expectations.

On the other hand I’ve also learned to use the pessimistic thinking that finds the worst cases so easily, to recognize what might go wrong, then work everything I can do to prevent that and when I’ve done that I’ve to learn to let got of the anxiety and trust that as usual world is better place than I think.

Dissatisfaction versus satisfaction, what’s wrong what’s right?


Today evening as I got home from work, I wondered what would I do if I would stop writing. I just couldn’t imagine life like that, so I didn’t.

Writing is a way for me to understand and construct the world. Writing is everything.

It’s easy to be dissatisfied with the state of things and end up thinking like this.

Dissatisfaction is easy! Why satisfaction is so hard?

It’s much harder to ask and answer why I am not satisfied?

The mental effort to answer the question scares the comfort hungry mind.

What would it require to be satisfied? What are the next steps?

These are the questions I am not thinking. Writing is part of me already, and most of my life I am satisfied with. So what’s wrong then? Or what’s right!?

Questions provide satisfaction and tool to use our curioisity

I came to this topic as a result of quite long and yet systematic approach. Today morning my mind was not very well tuned to the challenge of this day and especially the writing. I had not a topic in my mind that would interest me and  honestly I did not have system in place to find one, even though I knew that deep down there had to be something.

Two clues I had to get a ahead. One was the traditional just do it, and just start typing. Yeah, I use that a lot. Another thing that came to my mind, instead of asking google or just writing about some boring topic, how about try to organize some of my thoughts in to some form of connections i.e. mind map.

Mind mapping certainly helped, I find that the boring, automatic thoughts popped up first. I did not really want to write about this. And as I pushed myself a bit, I finally got a breakthrough, I realized there were some questions I was curious about and to which I would very much like to have an answer, so why not to write about those?

Questions were like what does actually separate financially well off entrepreneur from let’s say monastic monk in character wise? Who has the right to argue that they are superior? What makes justifies as a ‘correct’ or ‘real work’? Why do some people deem some work more important than others?

Flood of this kind of questions filled my mind… A lot of my thoughts recently have been around the legitimacy (or righteousness) of our own actions. What gives us actually right for something?

“Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” – Leo Tolstoy

Bigger theme or a method how to construct something more out of mere flood of questions began to shape in my mind. I think I could start using this more often, perhaps I’ve even used it already without being fully conscious about it. However, the big thing is to indeed ask, what I am currently interested about learning more and then to just recall and construct the necessary questions out of that. Questions are the next step ahead, because without question there is no answer either.

“In order to ask a question you must already know most of the answer.” – Robert Sheckley

Questions yet might not provide the satisfaction for our curiosity, but the answers do for a fleeting moment at least. Once we’ve the right questions, we can finally break it down into an answer.

“All our knowledge results from questions, which is another way of saying that question-asking is our most important intellectual tool.” – Neil Postman