Short term solutions for a long term problems



Job won’t solve your financial problems.

Robert Kiyosaki defined job as acronym for “just over broke.”

In the same way there are many other problems in your life that are really short term solutions. Friday after work perhaps?

Instant or delayed gratification? Instant is enticing because it’s instant.

Delayed gratification does not have any guarantees and it’s difficult to see the feedback between action now and results later. If you want to see, you have to do and act.

We gravitate towards short term solutions because they bring pleasure now.

Why do we seek results instead of learning the means of production for the results?

For the long term, what are the results you would like to consistently produce? How you could do it?

Could you do it without actually doing it?

What can you produce in 15 minutes?



Production under time pressure is what matters.

What can you produce in 5 seconds?

What can you produce in 5 minutes?

What can you produce in 15 minutes?


These are thoughts to contemplate and to try on.

Leaders should respond to the critical questions in under than 5 seconds.  Why is this, because it’s their job to be aware what is going on. If a leader does not know her / his numbers, s/he is not qualified to be in charge, it’s as simple as that.

What I find to be able to produce in 5 seconds – 5minutes is more than I can expect. After that certain kind of slowness of thought takes over to ever more contemplate on.

Did you know that the more you know, the slower you get, because more you have to ponder in between thoughts?

Regardless of the speed, what matters is what you’ve produced in the short time. That takes a lot of preparation or should I even say, lifelong preparation 😀

Have a great evening!