Building Positive Momentum


When life goes well, let it be that way.

Change is such a buzzword. Change happens all the time. If you think about it in our experiences we tend to think change either as a) good b) bad.

Depending in the culture you are living in, you might have more or less bias towards action. Some cultures prefer a lot of action right away where are others are more of the ‘wait and see’ types.

There is no right or wrong.

When it comes to living a life where you feel good because of your actions, you’ll need to learn to recognize what is desirable and focus your limited actions to reinforcing that good. Often times no action is required: when things are well – let them be.

Too often we sabotage our own wellbeing.

Action is not always the best solution. Sometimes inaction is good solution too.

Do not confuse inaction with laziness, that’s a different breed. You’ll need to learn to recognize what kind of action creates waste and what kind of action creates value.

Either you need to focus on building more and more value, or find someone to who your waste is value. These both are rather good options.

You have limited time and focus. Use these limited time and focus to build something meaning, something positive and reinforce that positive momentum.

Once you’ve the positive momentum going, do not touch. Just seek to build on it. Build on every success you’ve, one brick at a time.

Tiny Action


Action is over- and underappreciated word.

Overappreciated as in action without consideration, thought or end in mind.

Underappreciated as in thought without action. Action remains just a word, instead of verb in action.

There is the middle way: thinking, without thinking too much and doing, without doing too much.

My personal fault lies mostly in thinking too much and doing too little. Thus I see this quality in others as well emphasized. And it might be that I am too blind to my own actions that are mindless, so I cannot even name them yet. With a bit of thinking, I think there is indeed also this mindless action in play.

The more I’ve studied about habits and applied what I’ve learned to my life, I am amazed to discover these tiny pockets of time all around me. More efficient actions (=habits) create more time and space. What used require effort, do not any longer. Thus taking action becomes easier.

With habits also the cost of starting doing something (which I feel is immense). Have you tried to start a work out after a long work day? That’s only difficult if you do not already have the neural circuitry in your mind to fire of and start doing it. When you’ve the network however, it will automatically flare up and you will start the work out when you just find the right triggers for that.

The difference between habit and a separate action decision is huge. Habits have little to none starting cost, they trigger automatically. Decisions to do something have tremendous starting cost and when we are tired and hungry we are less likely going to make any good decisions.

Therefore life consists of making these tiny decisions right through the days, these will ensure sufficient energy when we need it the most.

We need tiny action everyday to start building momentum for the bigger decisions and challenges.


Use the Moment to Your Advantage


There are days, when even though we wake up, our minds remain half as sleep.

It’s during these days as well, we might not be at our best, yet our schedule does not really make it easy on us.

Today I had one of those days: bell rang in the middle of the deepest sleep and even though I used every line of wisdom of waking up early, my brain resisted big time. Well it didn’t take long for me to actually wake up too.

During the day I noticed that although I had gotten up my mind really hadn’t. My thought lagged.

However, after I had got myself up and running I didn’t let this become an excuse for me for not doing things. I understand full well that the only right time to do things is right now.

With thoughts like these, I did clear a bunch of work and hurdles right from the bat and continue to do so even now during the evening. What helped me to clear the hurdles in the day was to use my lagging brain to my advantage: I would get into the action before my mind would come up with the usual excuses, by the time my lagging brain had time to come up with excuses for not doing, I was already well over half done.

So taking advantage of the situation is a key. Every moment has their advantages despite seeming disadvantages.

Later the day I’ve struggled to actually get things which require more intense focus done, so now I changed the tactics: now I battle against clock.

Goal Achieving as Momentum Builder


I start where I yesterday ended and attempt to answer the question, on how to transfer the great feeling of today for tomorrow as well?

There is a lot of uncertainty in life, therefore it’s impossible to predict and for sure expect great results each time. Important thing for the sake of meaning is to have great sense of the bigger goal and the track – where I am now? When you know the big goal, and you know where you are in terms of that, it gives you sense of protection and sense of success. You are literally moving the mountain stone by stone.

Now you know what is your big goal and what your goal for the day is, you can start to plan the day. What are you going to do each moment? With this kind of precise planning, you will be able to forecast predictably will you be on track.

In the best case you will plan some activities that you are sure to succeed right at the start of the day. This will create the momentum, which allows you to achieve excellent results through the day.