Definition of rich is literally and simply that of do you work for the money or does the money work for you. Being rich isn’t defined by the amount of money you have, but by the way that you are using the money what you have. In the way you think about the money is the way you use the money.

Being rich is mindset and behavior of money use.

Rich people do not work for the money, they make money work for them.

To make money work for you, you have to recognize few essential terms. First there is income, which is all the money that is coming in. Then there are expenses, which are all the money that are going out of your pocket.

Next two are a little bit more difficult: assets are all the things you own that bring you income (after expenses). Liabilities are all the things that cost you money time and time again.

Essentially becoming rich is about acquiring assets and getting rid of liabilities. Once you have enough assets you have regular income, which is called cash flow. When you have sufficient amount of cash flow per month, let’s say 2000 € and your liabilities are at zero you are pretty well covered.

In order to get and create assets your greatest asset is your mind. Invest in yourself and your learning.

“Study hard so you can find a good company to buy.” – Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad

I might add work and study hard in order to find or create a good company to buy.

What ever you are doing in your life, do it to learn more. Do not let the money entice you, remember who is the master and who is the servant. Money is your servant and you are the master. Therefore always work to learn.

Always speak kindly of the money as well. Money will come to those who will speak kindly of it. Who would like to work for a bad master?

As you learn all the time quicker and quicker. You’ll learn creative ways to create more money out of nothing. This is where all your learning is aimed at.

At first you’ve little or nothing and you are not asking for any money. You are not asking for any money, because you are not the servant of money. You are the master of money who is learning the ways of the money. The more you learn the ways of the money, the more you’ll make the money work for you. The more you master money, the more opportunities will come to your way.

Remember: be the master of money. To master money, you’ll need to learn, learn and learn. Learn everything about the money and speak kindly of it. Perhaps some money will come to your way and you will be grateful for it. For now you know, it will work for you as long as you’ll remember to take good care of it.

How to Acquire Quality, Riches and Success


Qualities can be developed and acquired. One way is roleplay, which is essentially a way to fail fast and therefore a fast way to learn.

“If you want a quality, act as if you already had it.” – William James


Example 1: Being rich

First question would be, what is a rich person?

Common misperception is merely that there is a lot of money, luxuries etc. While this is correct observation it’s the surface. What makes a rich is in fact the ability to sustain certain lifestyle for infinite amount of time.

Mindset that makes allows you to sustain desired lifestyle for infinite amount of time has some preconditions. First you must understand that you’ve to have sources of income that produce income for you regardless of you working all the time or not.

Spending does not make you rich, investing to assets that produce you more do.

Don’t be fooled by the luxurious lifestyles, pay attention what is happening underneath.

Accept what you have and work from there. You too probably have access to at least one supercomputer class asset: your mind, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Literally human mind has been the greatest asset for the humankind for very long time and for you it’s very accessible.

“There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge.” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Rich people do not work for the money, they invest in assets that produce money for them.  Therefore being rich is more of a mindset than any amount of wealth. Anyone who is putting effort to create and nurture asset has the potential to become rich. So adopt the mindset and start practicing and learning fast right away.


Example 2: Being successful

By definition success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, so one must first have internal aim or purpose which then can be achieved.

Misperception of success if often the attention of the big audience, i.e. when you get attention you are successful. However, if this is true then the success does not last very long time and this kind of success is rather unhealthy and addicting.

While the attention is the language of power and love, which we all in the end crave for, real success should be measured by the achievement of internal standards, the achievement of aims and purposes.

To achieve success by this definition again we need to change and learn something to produce different results. To achieve success in our aim or purpose we probably need to change what we are doing. If we do not, we have set the bar too low to begin with.

To succeed, again we need to learn. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.

Studying mind is necessary to challenge the status quo, what has been learned before and to test if it is indeed true. Often the big breakthroughs happen through a paradigm shift, a new understanding that can only happen with the mindset of a student.

However, a student would be fool, not to leverage the wisdom who have come before us. Over 108 billion people have lived before us, and some of them have accomplished feats that no-one has ever since managed or bothered to do. You can still access to some of these brilliant people through books.

In whatever effort you want to be successful in, study those who have already accomplished what you seek to do. Seek inspiration, guidance and mentorship. Measure your success against your own metrics, quit only when you are done.

There you go, a short introduction on what does it mean to achieve a certain quality in life. Discovering what it is you want, then living and breathing everything about it, seems to be the key. As long as you do not quit, you might succeed.

Like I said, failing is learning. If you try and fail that’s alright. If you do not try, then you are stuck.

“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” ― G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man

Know-How Not Lotto


The key realization that I’ve from my life so far is that easy and comfortable start does not equal to easy and comfortable finish. In fact what makes life fun is its unpredictability. Work is a magic factor in that unpredictability that can minimize the risks and maximize the probabilities.

Therefore I don’t believe in lotto, I believe in probabilities.

Easy and comfortable is the lotto mindset, a mindset that I used to have for about first twenty years of my life. I had an easy and comfortable life and I was quite shocked as I realized that the reality is not adjusting to my comfort levels at all times.

My first reaction was to try to avoid the truth, escape it. That didn’t work very well, so a bit by bit I started to accept it and accept the responsibilities with it.

A bit by bit my mindset changed from wanting the easy and comfortable, to wanting challenges that are a bit strenuous and uncomfortable. This accompanied me with the realization that in order to grow, we need to spend most of our time in the uncomfortable and strenuous activities.

As I write in how to develop courage, we have to spend most of our time outside our comfort zones and then recuperate in the zone of comfort.

The picture would look like this:


Work is both productive, and you learn. With this you can further reduce the risks and increase the probabilities of success.

If we focus to that which you can control, we will be better off. Lotto too is the game of probabilities, and unless the numbers are not with you, they are against you. Better choose a game where you’ve more control over the probabilities.

When you learn, you’ve more accurate sense of reality, risks and probabilities.  In the long run learning is the key. Luck is reserved for those who understand it is inevitable with right actions.

What Would Happen If You Could Do The Difficult Thing With Ease?  



What happens when you repeat difficult things often enough? Difficult becomes automatic, even easy. When difficult is not difficult anymore.

What are the roadblocks to do these things?

Writing a blog for example is not as time consuming as one might think. Easily the same amount of time is spent each day chatting in messenger or just browsing news or social media.

Easy things are attractive, they are easy to repeat and they become habits easily.

Difficult things are not necessarily more difficult, we just believe them to be so and therefore come up with all kinds of excuses not to take the action and actually repeat the process. In time even the most difficult tasks can become part of us: smooth and easy. It’s a process of smoothing out the excuses and distractions that stand in our and the actions way.

These excuses and distractions occur precisely because of our beliefs, attitudes and because we do not know any better. By starting work on this a bit by bit, who knows what can happen.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” ― Albert Einstein

Therefore, we must work on our mindsets.

The More Fluid and Flexible Identity You’ve, The Better Off You are


Identity is a topic regularly comes to my mind as an interesting thing to ponder and read about.

Particularly when it becomes to the identity of a person and when it is mixed with idea such as title or description. Every time people are asked to characterize themselves, identity becomes a very interesting thing.

When we start to describe ourselves, we are attempting to capture something really fluid which is the human life: a story between life and death, where nothing remains constant for very long time at least from evolutionary standpoint. And that a tiny window of that we are attempting to describe in the words.

First and foremost I find it fascinating, because the attempt to describe one-self reveals much information for example about past and current internal dialogue and worldview.

Mostly because our identity is as fluid as water, so it would be impossible to perfectly describe ourselves with just words so quickly. Yet some people have the ability quickly to use descriptions, stereotypes and categories to describe the rough outlines of their identity.

Identity is a tricky, because we are able to change if we believe we are. On the other hand if we do not believe in that, our thinking remains quite fixed and our minds closed. In itself identity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, sometimes life event can cause us to seriously reconsider our beliefs and there again change has potential to happen: our identities may open up or close down.

My bottom line is that the more fluid and flexible your identity is the better you are able to cope with the contradictions in life and thus also adapt to the inevitable external changes.

Humility Facilitates Mastery


Today it occurred to me that humility does indeed facilitate the mastery. Because masters are endlessly interested in learning and without humility to ability to use each moment as a chance to learn is not happening.

So mastery does require humility: to keep the mind open and curious for something more to learn.

To a mind which already thinks it has mastered something, mastery is simply too far out of reach.

As I finished Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy few days ago, I also now realized that in here too ego comes in the way of learning.

Humility can be confused with many traits, however if it is about something you are interested mastering, humility is the mindset which open the doors of possibilities in your mind.

Sales is Education


This morning I had big realization about sales: sales is indeed teaching! This thought has resonated me very well since the first time I read Brian Tracy’s The Psychology of Selling (2006). In my native language Finnish I did realize some even more suitable words which feels rather satisfying.

I feel like I am ready to learn more about sales, now that the basics are covered.

My background in sales has been unlikely. A few years back, I just couldn’t have seen in any way that I end up in sales. It is through some defining moments such as my studies in Haaga-Helia UAS where I had chance to study under passionate teacher who also helped me to redefine sales. After that I’ve read books such as Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human (2013) which further have given me the definition broad enough operate in this present day world.

Now I really do think even further that sales is actually education. We are all in the training business. Automatization progresses fast: routine tasks can and should be automated in my opinion. Who wants to do those anyway?

We are more free every day to study and educate ourselves. And the basis of education is sales.

Sales is such a wonderful force that can create more good to us all. By this I mean the economic activity that does yield win-win-win results and growth for everyone.

Positive mindset for the long run


What makes so positivity so worth it? And on the other hand why is negativity still around?

I think the key difference for positivity is the hope and belief that things will get better, thus we are ready to invest and create for the future.

Negativity on the other hand often times just feeds on that which has been created and believes everything is therefore limited.

Evolutionary basis and advantage in negative thinking is of course when people who think like that happen to be right. My guess would be actually that this capacity in built-in most of us under right circumstances: i.e.. when your basic needs are not met.

Same goes for positivity as well, when the circumstances are right we can focus to be more positive and long term thinkers.

Other people influence a lot to our lives and I think from the basic needs the feelings of psychological safety is quite tricky. We need social connections that accept us, yet we are also willing to adapt in order to fit in. Then again fitting in without getting accepted gets us into another dilemma and from these kinds of situations the negativity can emerge.

With this awareness we can start building more positive mindset in a long run.

Applying the Growth Mindset

Year ago, around this time, I was putting together my thesis. Core realization for that work, that I had been studying and looking for a long time came finally in the form of Carol Dwecks TED talk, and then of course in the book: growth mindset.

A bit more than a year ago, I was absolutely excited about this idea, because it resonated so deeply with my own values.

Today I’ve been reminded by similar ideas by the Happiness Advantage book, which I absolutely love so far. Growth Mindset was also mentioned there. Now I am trying to recall what kinds of thing I learned and how successfully I’ve applied that thinking into my life.

Praise the effort

Thanks to that book, I’ve tried focused my praise for the effort, both internally and externally. It has been way more challenging that I thought it would be both internally and externally.

Internally because of the old thinking models, it wasn’t actually until a few months back that when I heard the same thing in a bit more inspiring story format, that began to focus my internal praising towards efforts. I originally heard this in Finnish, but with my freeform translation it goes like this: “Nobody can know, how many fruit gardens one seed bears. Judge the day by the seeds planted and tended, instead of the fruits collected”. That kind of farmer frame of mind contained the same idea, in more entertaining and more memorable format after that I’ve begun to measure more about the amounts of seeds I’ve planted, the effort I’ve taken. It is way more better predictor of future success than the actual fruits in the presents.

Externally focusing to the efforts have been more challenging. I’ve capitalized the opportunities I’ve had, however it’s surprisingly difficult to encourage the effort. In last week I feel like I discovered some tools that work: measuring both the effort and the results, I feel like this is the combination that does the trick.

Focus to the Positive

Child f the positive psychology is the thought that we’ve conscious control over our mindset. Maybe not all of the time, yet most of the time we’ve the power to start viewing our life differently. It’s really world changing thing and we’ve conscious power over it. Our whole experience of the life will change with the mindset, so be careful. Life is wonderful opportunity to benefit many people as possible –  give a definition to your life that empowers you!

Most of the time I’ve worked, I’ve viewed is as an wonderful opportunity to develop my skills. I have had a days when I’ve had trouble seeing it. However I fixed that by posting some inspirational quotes on my walls that help me to prime my mind towards the right mindset.

Wish for strength to overcome the challenges!