Short term solutions for a long term problems



Job won’t solve your financial problems.

Robert Kiyosaki defined job as acronym for “just over broke.”

In the same way there are many other problems in your life that are really short term solutions. Friday after work perhaps?

Instant or delayed gratification? Instant is enticing because it’s instant.

Delayed gratification does not have any guarantees and it’s difficult to see the feedback between action now and results later. If you want to see, you have to do and act.

We gravitate towards short term solutions because they bring pleasure now.

Why do we seek results instead of learning the means of production for the results?

For the long term, what are the results you would like to consistently produce? How you could do it?

Could you do it without actually doing it?

You Get Better at Doing by Doing


Only Doing furthers the progress of the task. This is easy to say, hard to understand in the way that it translates as immediate action.

One of the best leadership questions after a decision to do something, is to ask when you are going to do it? And the follow up is, why not now?

Important things should be started immediately. Next best thing is to set clear slot to calendar and do it then.

In sales there is saying “time kills deals.” In leadership it could be said that procrastination kills inspiration.

What ever is the cause for the delay: procrastination, hesitation, fear – all of those reasons we can figure out if they are defences or not, and then to think if this is really a excuse or could there be a way to do it now?

Doing things now, requires preparation and courage. Preparation for the most important things in life should be one of our daily practices. We cannot always do the things we want to do right now, however when can take the present moment as a practice and preparation for the moments that come. And when they come, we should seize the moments without hesitation.

Do it right away!

See the tasks that feel difficult right now as a practice for the future success. Those who are willing to put themselves through difficult situations learn the quickest. You’ll get a lot better through challenges.

There is one exception to the rule: things that are way too difficult We do not need to try to do the impossible, but the thing that just is just out of reach, not out of sight.

What Do You Do Matters

What happens to you, your circumstances they can either obstruct you or then you can accept them and work with them.

On 2014 I was living and studying in Porvoo, quite distant city from where I found a job opening that seemed like great learning opportunity for me. The thing was that I was dating this girl I really liked and then I pondered about ways to make it work. At that point wanted both things in my life and I figured out two ways to make it work, from which I chose the option to stay a bit longer in Porvoo and take the 1,5 hour commute twice a day.

The commute although long, not so troublesome, I decided to make most of it by either sleeping or reading. It was during this period in my life when I learned to read in focused manner and I adopted the habit of reading first 36 books a year. Now, I’ve read 39 books during 2018 in half a year. Reading hae become part of me through the habit that I formed during that time.

Later on relationship didn’t last, however the work and learning has turned out to be more than I had anticipated and the habit of reading had definitely supported me in that as well.

If I would’ve listened to my excuses or the terrified reactions of other while doing this or succumbed to the desire for comfort I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

Wherever you are, it’s what you do that matters. A good philosopher uses every opportunity to better oneself, because it’s within where our greatest enemy lies. Desire for comfort, fear, lust, addiction, obsession, envy, insecurity… I’ve seen it all and still do. It’s what we do with what we have that determines everything.

Example, I was falling prey for laziness and I didn’t know how or where I would write today’s blog. I’ve had plenty to do in my hands and social events I would like to be part of. How then? Well it turns out this social event wasn’t in easily accessible place and I do not want to pay for cab, therefore I end up waiting 15 minutes for a bus near my home ald doing what? Writing this very blog.

Obstacle becomes the way, world continuously provides opportunities for us to practice our virtue. It’s up to us to do.

What Kind of Well-being Would You Like to See?


Pursuit of happiness.

Wanting a good life.


How do we define these concepts and when do we know we have achieved them?

The more our own understanding grows, the less we are certain to know. Also another thing is the more understanding we get, the more we want to see others to succeed.

When you want others to succeed, you’ll start putting priorities in different order. While this is mostly positive, there are risks as well. It’s not good to neglect your own priorities. It’s a matter of balance between production and production capability.

I would like to see others doing well physically, social, emotionally and spiritually. However, I haven’t thought about it what it really means, what kind of actions and habits people who are wellbeing would do?

Some actions I can think of right away such as: they would read more books, and discuss about them. Or focus more on the overall nutritional value and cut more often on sugar. Taking more action and steps versus passive sitting and elevators.

These little choices I believe have tremendous impact in the long run for peoples’ well-being. Therefore I think it should be called well-doing. What kind of well-doing would you like to see?

A Bit More


What if everyone tried a bit more, what would follow? Just a bit more at the most important task, how much further would it take you?

A bit times thousand is a lot of effort and trying.

A bit more is not possible in everything, but try not to think it that why. Just try a bit more at something.

Complaining does not help to solve problems or further the cause. How about you instead try to be a bit more accepting instead of complaining?

What would you like to be bit more? Start doing today.

You Will Never Know Until You Try



To get somewhere, we ought to start trying and doing more.

Yes, even if it means poor quality at first. Rarely anything worth mentioning will be done as first time either.

If we still are under such illusions, it is good to get the expectations down at this point. Actual skill, mastery is a result of training and practicing not just ten years for example, but for decades.

By doing, getting results and then finally receiving constructive feedback from that we can begin to learn and develop.