Warrior Within: Accessing the Knight in the Male Psyche


What do you think when the word Warrior appears to you?

For Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, it is men such as Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr.

Not quite what you had in mind? Perhaps there is still something to learn about the mature male psyche.

Warrior is easily linked with aggressiveness and destructiveness. While those are important qualities of a warrior, real warrior is not purely set out to destroy. Real warrior is there to set out to destroy what doesn’t work and construct what is right in the world. Real warrior is both creator and a destroyer, a man with a mission to build and expand.

Warrior Within: Accessing the Knight in the Male Psyche is a book about the Warrior archetype of a masculine psyche, how to access it and why.

I cannot recommend this book as standalone, you should first read the outlining book: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature. However, once you have read that I highly recommend this.

Warrior within resonates with Stoic philosophy and thinking: “The buck stops with you. Prepare yourself. Step forward. Accept your Warrior responsibilities. Fit your talents and responsibilities to the arena or theater that seems to need you the most.”

Warrior energy should be put to work to take responsibility, destroy that which doesn’t work and then to expand and construct that which is needed.

Life Gives You More, When You Give More to Life


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Time is the most precious thing we have, we only have this moment. How we use each moment is the game of probabilities in the future moments: how will we fare in the upcoming moments of truth?

Through human history, what has separated us from the other species dwelling on this earth is the cultural memory: we have recorded culture, and therefore stories to tell how we got here so far. Creativity is the evolutionary advantage of our species and also a bit of requirement for our long term survival. And as a collective we can choose to create or stay passive and wither away, if we are capable in dialogue that is.

When we are too much in the mind of the collective, we may forget as even an individual can have huge impact: think of leaders, rebels, activists. Individuals can unite the masses, this shouldn’t be forgotten.

Each one of us, is individual capable of personal development, we will change, so why not to try to do it consciously? By starting to invest into ourselves, we will start to unlock higher levels of creativity.

Buddhists have serious example of creativity and even self-imposed impermanence, i.e. in the form of sand painting. That itself represents very well that the creation is worth it even if it is impermanent. I love the Buddhist thinking: we should strive for higher forms of creativity, despite the fact that everything may be destroyed in a flash. Since we are living we are a fluke of probability, so why not to see how long our luck can take us? We have to take the chance and play it for the longest run imaginable, only then we will have the chance to see the

Life requires that we give something, before achieving something. Failure is high probability, it rarely ends the game, instead the experience gained from that failure increases the odds of success in subsequent attempts. It’s because of this actual learning curve, that we all should be investing to our personal development. Only once we’ve accumulated enough experience and expertise we may start to benefit others.

Are you creating today? You may succeed right away, however it’s very unlikely. Make the probabilities yours, no make the probabilities ours, because your art has the possibility to be the game changer.

Give life the best art you are capable of and the collective human kind may evolve and live to see beauties of life and more.