You Are Safe: Feel Assured


Fear of death is hard coded into us.

As representatives of lives we have survived and continue on.

You have something to give. What parts of it you can give today?

Giving is a form of love towards. It’s part of the love story that is in between life and death.

Death is stagnation.

Life is movement.

We should rather be in movement, giving to and of ourselves than stagnate and die.

Fear cripples. Breathe shortens. Hasn’t death yet won?

Every moment we have choice to either move or stagnate.

Stopping is different than stagnation. Assurance and calmness are different than fear. Yet all look surprisingly similar.

Fear creates scarcity.

Love creates abundance.

Love is connection.

Fear is disconnection.

Ambassador of which you would like to be or become?

What you feel, you’ll represent. You can choose your feeling through your breathing. If you breathe deeply you are connected to love, if your breathing is shallow and non-existent you’ll join the ranks of death.

Breathe deeply,


Values: connection & disconnection


For what you value, you must sacrifice.

I’ve made changes in my values in the past six months. Due to this decision I begin to experience the price, and the sacrifice in my social life: the feeling of value with some people have begun to feel less meaningful and less valuable.

I’ve found different meaning and it’s no longer in the same direction.

Decision have to be made.

Values are meaningful. Shared values help us to work toward common goal.

If perception to the previously shared values changes, then the relationship changes as well.

What I thought was very positive change for me, has caused quite a bit of suffering. Is a positive change then a desirable? Is this temporary pain worth it?

I’ve comforted myself with the thought that nothing great is born without pain.

Besides I’ve chosen to update my values because I want something better. Yet in so called short term this feels surprisingly painful.

Long term or short term perspective?

Even from pain one seeks relief. At least hope. Is there hope?

Higher levels values, create higher level order.

Lower level values create chaos.

So by embracing and determining my values again, I’ve set out to feel the suffering now in order to create something greater. Example of great people have shown that the higher level values might not even be appreciated by the present state society. Only the future generation may grow to that level of maturity to appreciate.

About such greatness I do not know nothing. All I know, that I hope I must find and to create order I must continue.

Thank you for reading!

For greater context I can recommend Jordan B. Petersons 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote Against Chaos –book. It’s a book that I’ve read three times now in the past five months. I’ve found several ideas from that book to put in the practice and I believe I continue to discover so.

Now lately I feel like I want to connect with as many people as possible, globally so therefore I’ve chosen to continue my blog in English.


Do Difficult Things Together


network-1020332_640.jpgPreparing for the challenging week, I was not sure how I was going to get through it. If it’s just me I knew I was not going to make it, alone with all the work and pressure. Although I still have to do most of the work, the way I ended up organizing the work turned out to be crucial: together with others.

Doing difficult things together has tremendous impact. Even the most challenging and difficult things become the things of learning.

Even stretch goals become possible when done together.

I’ve noticed that there is a point in where direct feedback becomes convenience and even expectation. It’s much faster, saves the energy of everyone than the being nice politeness.

Around people who can give such feedback and development ideas, the impossible becomes possible.

Support of course is priceless. Almost anyone can be of support, however of course the deeper the connection, the better the spirit.

When you’ve really difficult things to work on, do not try to figure out everything yourself. Find a way to do difficult things together, even if you are

From addiction to connection


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines addiction as “a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble).”

Merriam-Webster definition of addiction is strong and harmful. However, in the same way there are some addictions so deep that are more like subtle and the effects are socially accepted that the harm cannot be seen so easily.

We all have the potential to be or become addicts. We probably are addicts in some subtle ways as well. Being addict is not a bad thing. Johan Hari in his TED talk says that opposite of addiction is connection, there is an idea that we have innate need to bond and this need can go wrong as well. In the TED talk he refers to the rat park experiments where addiction overdoses rarely happens if rats are well connected and live in environment that represents well their own.

In most of us our addictions are harmless and mild to ourselves and other people. Yet, because they are mild and harmless there is still vast potential under there. But most of us are totally convinced that the job that pays the bills or the morning coffee are so minor and pleasurable things that are actually beneficial to us. We live in blissful denial.

Today as I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant book I realize that I am not only addicted to money, but as well to the process of acquiring that money which is the work.

Being addicted is easy. Breaking the patterns and putting effort to see the reality as it is, is really hard! In fact it takes so much effort, most people do not bother. Those who did bother are enlightened beings, saints or whatever you want to call them.

We have the potential to change our patterns, discard our addiction and embrace the connection.

I would like to see a world where there will be less money, gadget fidgeting, coffee, soft drink, alcohol, cigarette, drug, medicine and video game addicted people.

Maybe it’s too tough to achieve, however I don’t understand why some consumer choices still exist. They’ve for a long time for the sake of the economy. However, in my utopia we would be smart enough to spend the money somewhere where it does actually have positive impact: such as our own education.

I believe the change in the world can happen when more people will go from addiction to connection. Most of our problems are from the disconnection and we need more real connection and understanding.

When we are and feel more connected with the world around us, we will start to care more and make less bad choices collectively as well.


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Kindness seems to be as a behavior something that can be easily thought of as a weakness. Sometimes people even suggest, that there is no point in being kind to strangers, because others will exploit it anyway?

However, can something that is freely given be even exploited? What are they gonna do, rob me of my kindness?

Buddhism has the concept of loving kindness, or ‘metta’ which can be extended to everyone.

Practice loving kindness in action, or start with the meditation. Start from the people who are closest to you to the furthest beings.

Kindness is one of the transformative powers of the world, which breaks the barriers and connects us with each other in whole new ways.

Where forgiveness opens up the path for our own healing, kindness lowers down the drawbridges of all castles and let’s us connect in deeper levels.


With metta


Our invisible potential

Sometimes world really surprises in a positive way, which is a important reference point for originally even quite pessimistic mind like mine. Since then I’ve learned to be a more optimistic, but I still have ways to go.

Yesterday was such a positive surprise as somehow the commitment and energy of the people alignment with common goal and amazing things happened like got the project to the goal ahead of time.

Seeing potential is quite difficult and might even be possible. Recognizing this is a big thing, because if we recognize that there is a lots of potential that we cannot see, we start to treat others way better! It’s impossible to know exactly when or how this invisible potential will manifest, however I would like to think that it will under pressure!

Jari Sarasvuo said about culture a similar thing, that culture is a invisible, yet powerful force that manifests under pressure. And also that actually strong individual express themselves in a culture that is strong, I.e. where results are made, they are built on a strong culture and are the result of a culture.

People together form the culture, so people are everything. Who wants to work for just money? If it’s just money it’s easy to replace. That’s why people require human connection and above all people should be treated as Goethe put it “treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

I think there is one really powerful force too that’s rarely taken into account, it’s the law of karma. Ajahn Brahn says it’s the most powerful law in the universe. I do not know, but if you aim for good karma, you better treat people really well, so that’s where I think all three thoughts connect.

For our all flourishing, we need to encourage the emergence of great qualities, even though we cannot see them.

What are your thoughts? Leave an awesome comment below.