Who Are Your Teachers?


Life hasn’t remained stagnant hasn’t yet?

Because of the nature of life itself as conscious beings our greatest purpose comes from learning.

Real learning does not happen with the teachers. Or in the schools.

It happens after.

Teacher appears when the student is ready.

Learning begins when the teacher leaves.

So if teachers appear anyway when we are ready and learning doesn’t happen with the teaches, do we need consciously seek out teachers?

Questions is for you to answer. My answers is that it is at least good to be aware about teachers to appreciate and grow.

In first 22 years of so of my life I wasn’t happy with my life or my self at all. Unhappiness accumulated to a point where I was a on a edge of a decision, to continue or not. I decided to continue. And because I decided to start and continue at that point, I realized I have a lot to learn.This realization has lead to greatest blessings and strengths in my life: humble yet hungry attitude towards the learning about life.

To live means to suffer is what Buddha realized: life has suffering. 

Buddha is one of my teachers and he is a great teacher, because Buddha encouraged to listen and then try and see for yourself. And it is a lesson I encourage you to carry through your life as well: find great teachers, great ideas and yet always think by yourself.

Life has also happiness, this is a lesson I learned later on from my other teacher Ajahm Brahm. I’ve found this lesson at least as useful as the first one I learned from Buddha. Both of the lessons are true at the same time.

Seek teachers who practice what they preach. Ethos,. Practice also what you preach,practice, practice practice.

See the results, how it works? If it doesn’t perhaps there is still something to learn? 

Focus on what you can do.

Do not focus on who is to blame, or who is wrong.

“What is a bad man, but a good man’s job?

What ia a good man, but a man’s teacher?” – Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching

Is suffering a curse or blessing?

Pilviä, Taivas, Sää, Sininen, Huntu

Buddha taught us four noble truths. That there is suffering, what is the cause, that there is a way to stop it and the actual way.

Buddha also advised not to take this advise at a face value, but to through own experience realize what he had realized.

Attachment is easy. Attachment is the illusion that something, outside of us can make us whole.

We desire and crave for the sense of wholeness. We want to belong so bad, that we forget something. We forget our own power.

We forget that we are an avatar (image) of almighty creator as bible puts it.

In more scientific sense we are so far the ultimate tool builders, who exceed any other species known to us. We are able to create intelligence, that can operate on it’s own.

Life as an occurrence is an interesting, what does separate life from death? Movement. Life has movement, rhythm. Some sounds extend longer than others, many sounds can be play at the same time. It’s a brilliant concerto.

Yet we fail to see it.

Yet we fail to hear it.

Yet we fail to experience it.

Because we are too attached. Our minds are not present.

Our minds are not focused to what matters. We fail to be all that we could be, because we forget who we are.

We are so much. We are great.

It takes great silence to remember that.

You are not your job.

You are not your children.

You are not your family.

At times you can be, yet it’s not all you are. Remember, you are you. You are not separate, but part of all of this at a moment at a time.

Moment by moment.

You are so incredible: able to be so many things in sequence. Yet you get attached to a one thing or an another and thus failing to be present in the moment.

You’ll already know what you need to do? Can you accept that truth? Do you have the courage to do what you know you must do? Do you have the love the do what is right even despite you might not feel it?

What you have is what you think of it. If you think it is curse, then it is. If you think it is a blessing, that’s what it is 😊

Love and wisdom to you and to all your days! 🖖


Where to start?

Avaruussukkula, Raketti, Lähtö, Laukaisuun, Nasa

Everything starts somewhere. Where would you like to go? What would you like have to have?

Have you considered that your all actions are connected? All that you do either nourishes or starves your efforts to where you are going.

It’s not one or two things, is all the things.

Life is far from perfect. It’s far. Meaning that even if you know what you really need, there are few existing solutions that in a harmonious manner deliver just that.

From scarcity, abundance arises.

Scarcity is not real. It might be experienced with your current understanding as real.

Abundance arrives with understanding, creativity and power.

Creativity is power. Creativity is thinking. Creativity is ability to produce the desired results from perceived scarcity.

Creativity is magic.

Humans have the potential for this creative magic. We are magicians.

Life often and all the time provides what we want, even desire. However, when we what have wanted and desired arrives, we barely even recognize it. This happens because we may not be ready. We are not ready by ourselves, we are not ready in the moment.

Our expectations are that of immediate expectations. If something does not happen right away, we stop believing. Our wishes, become speech and they become actions. Yet it does not happen as quickly as desires and images form in our mind.

Perceived world is a world of physics. There is cause and effect causal relationship. There are physical laws and limitations. In our desires we fail to simulate this physical world with its laws and limitations, we skip that part right away to the end result and then are disappointed because world does not work the way we want it to work.

If we can remember this lesson that the world is abundant place and does actually provide generously to our needs and even to some desires, we can start to focus where our attention truly matters: making ourselves a better person.

Often times our desires are false gods. Even if we make our desires real we fail to see the consequences what are the end result of it. Some desires provide the satisfaction we seek with tremendous cost. Other desires are just pas-time fulfillment leaving even greater hole in our sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Strongest meaning to life comes from what you can contribute and give to the world, what value can you give. You can read more about giving in From Taking to Giving blog.

Learn to give more effectively what people need and you’ll have in plenty what you need.

Remember, peoples needs are individual. So are yours.

To be able to serve properly, you must start with your own life. Get your life together. Become the person who you would like to become, stop wishing for it start working towards it today.

Everything starts with you, everything starts now. Everything starts as you gain consciousness of being.

Start where you are right now, this moment.

Joy and energy 🖖


Why name matters?


Name connects and constructs meaning.

We recognize, understand and learn through names.

Names of the places. Names of people. Names of things.

We build meaning narrative through names.

Our minds categorize names into classes and groups to simplify our lives and focus limited cognitive resources.

We remember what we deem important and forget what does not seem important. Sometimes we do forget what is important, however if it is really important we will remember it.

Remember is a form of really caring.

If we do not remember, we do not really care.

Of course then there are times of sincerity, where something really important to us, does not capture our attention in the moment in a sufficient way and capture our attention. Without attention any remembering is impossible to do.

Attention is our capacity to be present and with our presence communicate what is important.

What ever we focus on, grows and strengthens.

Love is attention and presence in action. What you do right now communicates a lot more about you, than what ever your contrast with your words.

You are where ever your attention is. And you are the sum of your narrative about your name to yourself.

You are different narrative to someone else. To someone else you are what they tell themselves about you. Their story to themselves about you is based on the observation and understanding about you. Also part of their story is what they are feeling there and then in the moment of attention, when they are thinking about you.

“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” – Oscar Wilde

Names are constructs and we are the constructors.

Our own name is especially interesting. Our own name is special construct because it is ongoing construction of both ourselves and everyone and everything that will ever use it.

Names symbols for assigned meanings and that’s why they are powerful. It is in the human nature to desire power. Power means ability to stay alive and get specified part of this perpetual construction thing done in shorter time. Always shorter time even though time exists in the present.

Somehow we find it especially meaningful to measure time and assign meaning to a time. Time is also construct and a name for the flow of events in the present moment.

Best that we can be is be present and at our best behavior. Best behavior requires all your presence and presence of mind. Sometimes also behavior is not behavior at all.

We have this desire in ourselves. We might feel that we need more. More. Faster. Better. Quicker.

We do not feel adequate. We want something else.

Yet we do not understand that something else is impossible, because we only have now.

We are not who think we are, because or idea of ourselves is different. We should get to know ourselves in the present moment. Understand that the key is not the door. Your name is not the door. Key is to open the door, and then you also need to walk through the door. Usefulness of the door comes from using the door.

Usefulness of the name comes from using the name.

Remember: you on a journey, did you understand it or not. You are constantly moving. You do not need exert yourself. At times you need to exert yourself more than you would like to. All contradictions make sense when you understand at each moment what you need to do now. That is wisdom in action.

You are a passenger on this planet known as earth. What will you do now with this understanding? What will we do? What will you build out of your name? What will we build our of our earth, our home?

Remember impermanence. Home might be home for a day or a century. Yet it is only the gift of moment.

Remember to be grateful.

What ever happens to you is part of the constant, perpetual creation. You are creator and  a creation. Remember it is not only you who creates. You are also being created and you also have been given to opportunity to create other peoples lives.

Remember to be grateful of this opportunity. Always say thank you.

Pay attention and notice others. It is about caring first.

Being present, means to notice.

if you do not notice, you do not care.

And you really do care. So please notice.

Forgive for anyone who does mistakes.

Life is not about finding who is guilty. It is about learning to be present in loving and kind way.

Give the present the gift of full attention and presence.

Be you now.

Amor fati and no excuses


Whatever is right, whatever is wrong. Your life is what it is. Make the best out of the reality that is.

You live only once, make that count.

You are create value with your conscious choices. Some are easy, others are not.

You will learn about the people who will support you and who do not. Learning is good. Make sure you will remember the lessons.

Remember what counts. Once you do, do not make any excuses: force yourself to think and implement solutions. Think what you can do today to achieve your goals?

Anything that has happened to you should be used as material for the success that you are about to experience. That’s all you have.

Wants consume your energy. Try to find out about your needs. What is necessary? Fulfill your needs instead of your wants. Your needs are few, love and embrace that.

Excuses for not getting there are plenty, yet you are in control. Focus your energy to thinking how you can do and you will find a way.

Present is a Choice


We go through all ranges of emotional states of being in the present moment. Present is all there is. All the joy all the suffering of life: present.

Your life is where your attention is.

Because present moment is all there is, our presence skills determine how we shape our future present moments. It’s all about our observations and reactions to these observations that cause subsequent present moments.

Within reactions there are three levels:

  1. thought
  2. speech
  3. action

First you need to recognize are you reacting in automatic or conscious way? Conscious way to react is very limited per day. It takes mental effort and puts strain on us. On the other hand automatic reactions are rather effortless and quick.

Forming automatic habits take time and more importantly repetitions. With 100 repetitions you might’ve formed some kind of habit. With 100 I would feel more safely to say it is a habit.

With presence skills you are able to shape your life in your desired direction. Keep in mind that we are all limited and thus vulnerable. Be forgiving to yourself. Direction, and repetition and keeping at it will get you towards anything you desire.

Life is short and there are no guarantees of getting there. Doing a little by little, every day and you will proceed surely. Leverage your strengths.

Present is you choice, how will you use it?





Focus on what matters


Words Choose Yourself, appeared in my mind a few days ago when I was brushing my teeth. For the past few that years I’ve been aware of James Altucher, I’ve somewhat have had defenses against reading his books or blogs. Now that the title of his books appeared to me from somewhere depths of my mind, I rather quickly decided to buy it and read it.

“Only think about the people you enjoy.
Only read the books you enjoy, that make you happy to be human.
Only go to the events that actually make you laugh or fall in love.
Only deal with the people who love you back, who are winners and want you to win too.” – James Altucher, Choose Yourself

What James describes here is invaluable. I’ve had fraction of this in use, as I’ve read books that I enjoy. Applying the same principle to the life as a whole is something that I haven’t even considered. Best ideas often are simple, yet not used often enough.

Memento mori, remember you are mortal. Your time is limited. Your attention is limited. Be wise to choose what to give your attention to.

What you focus on grows and gets stronger. Only focus to that which matters to you and it will grow.

Thank you for reading!


Never give up on your story


Live your story every day. There is always an opportunity to work towards what you want to be if you choose so.

Remember what you do now, determines your future present moments. What your present happiness or suffering has been caused by actions that have happened before either by you or someone else. Be mindful of what you do and what effects your actions have.

Your deeds have meaning, even more so than you can see. To you the meaning is what you choose to perceive and see. Sometimes we are biased to either negative or to the positive. Sometimes we see what we want to see. We should train our minds to see the present as it is, not as we wish it were. Then we should train ourselves to love the world as it is, love ourselves as we are.

We do not have anything else than the present moment.

You are part of a greater story do not forget that. Your choices make up that story little by little. Small consistent actions through your days will have more impact than you can imagine. Keep on contributing to your story, keep on adding.

The most important and valuable things and thoughts in your life shouldn’t go a day without your attention. That what is important, shouldn’t be left without your attention.

Remember what really matters and do it.

Good Enough


What about ourselves then. As humans we are going through change all the time. When we are good enough? In eastern philosophy there is thought that when you accept yourself and your life right now as it is, then you’ve reached happiness.

As super social beings we have tendency to compare ourselves to the people around us. Therefore good enough is above average (of people we perceive about) for our egos.

Comparing ourselves to other people is not an ideal practice we should stick with, because well either others might not be as good as we are capable with fresh thinking. We may limit ourselves of thinking what is actually possible. Others might a bad example. Or in the other hand when we compare ourselves with others, who have low standards it might just make ourselves more complacent.

Good enough person tries to figure out ways to be useful to other people. I think key is looking, trying and continuing until you produce increasing returns like a true professional. What separates good enough from the perfect is however, the process of learning and accumulation that the good enough goes through.

We all have some natural tendencies, inclinations as well as those tendencies and inclinations that we’ve learned from our environment. We all have the good enough in ourselves, the question is how we are manifesting and using that good enough in our personal and professional lives to the full extent.


Thinking From Needs

Stephen Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People taughts as one habit the ability to think from desired outcome.

The ability to think from desired outcome is a process of identifying needs: what is necessary to fulfill the needs. Once desired outcome has been identified you have clear idea what the outcome looks like, so you also know when to stop.

We do not need to do as much as we can, we need to so as little as required. Doing more than needed creates waste and waste is not value.