Enjoy the Present


What is wrong?

Is anything wrong?

If anything is not wrong, why not just enjoy the Tao? Tao means road.

Last night I could not sleep, because I had taken rather long nap that evening. My mind was wandering over from thing to another. Monkey mind in action.

Eventually I stumbled upon a thought about four noble truths. I was trying to recall what were they exactly. First is that life has suffering. Second about causes of the suffering and there my train of thought stopped, what were the causes of suffering again? I could recall parts like that craving to be or craving not to be something and attachment, yet it felt incomplete. I had to check.

The cause of suffering has two parts. First part is selfish desire which I did not remember. I had recalled the second part correctly.

Third noble truth is about cessation of suffering. I could not recall the reasons for that, only that there was a concept called three poisons involved. I wondered if the three poisons were the same as suffering mention above or something else?

It turns out the three poisons have also different labels, although root cause may be same. The three poisons are attachment, anger and ignorance.

Question then is how to remove the three poisons?

Yoda might say ways there are many and that is indeed the first step to answer is to come up with that question. One such path could be fourth noble truth: the knowledge of the path that leads cessation of the suffering, noble eightfold path.

With the right question however other paths may open too.

With the right questions the right understanding comes (first of the noble eightfold path). With right understanding of the world you’ll understand the significance of the intentions, right speech, right action, right livelihood. You’ll come to understand the right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration too.

You are in the right place right now. Realize you have purpose here and now. Enjoy and make the best use of it.

Highest Dharma

gold-194618_1920 - dry brush

Dharma is the way thing are and part of that is your present and potential contribution to the reality.

To understand dharma, is to understand life. Can this be even possible? As far as I understand it is what we should strive for in our human experience, even if we are a step late with our limitations.

Striving is trying to be perfect without any knowledge of the actual perfection and acute understanding of imperfections. It requires virtuous mind, to remain humble and open minded about all that can be learned.

Yet it requires appreciation of the wisdom already accumulated and hastily put into a virtuous action without a hesitation.

Reality is vastly interconnected. E = mc2 materia is energy and energy is materia, two different sides of the same.

When I hurt you, I hurt myself.

In Bhagavad Gita there is insight about highest dharma, and it is your own dharma.

Then there is insight about ahmisa. Ahmisa is universal love towards all living beings, and because of this love there is desire not to hurt. Often this second part is more widely understood, and first part failed to understand.

Non-violence is expression of the primary desire and understanding how interconnected everything is.

Yet sometimes best intentions are deadly to us as well. No amount of good intentions makes us less vulnerable to the nature of reality.

Nature of reality is coexistence of life and death, this cannot be escaped.

Now you remember this, what is your part in the play of Dharma?


P.s. Want to hear Albert Einstein himself explain his theory of relativity? Check this video: https://twitter.com/valaafshar/status/1179735260432683009

Truth (Accountability Mirror / David Goggins Challenge #2)


Yesterday I started listening the David Goggins’ Book Can’t Hurt Me as I wrote in Owning Myself (What is Your Bad Hand? / David Goggins Challenge #1).

Anything that was holding me yesterday back, I wrote there and came to the conclusion that only action was left for me. I cleared the challenges I set for myself yesterday and planned progressively challenging tasks for today both mental and physical uncomfort.

In the first half of the day as I’ve done most of the physical challenges I set for today, I realize that there is something else. One reason from my past came to my mind in shower: the reason why I’ve unconsciously avoided getting strong is from my childhood experiences with my other half-brother who is nine years older than me. He kind of used me as a living punching bag when ever he felt frustrated and that has caused me to avoid physical confrontation as much as possible because well who wants a fight they can’t win? I can forgive him and now start owning this pain and weakness as well and grow something else in place instead.

Life is about growth and we grow through challenge. Sure at times environment challenges us. But then at times it doesn’t, especially in the dimensions we need that challenge. It is up to us to do that and that’s what drives me now.

Instead of speaking of ideals, I would like to live them. Like in this order: Read a book. Live the book. Write a book.

Let’s see what part of the many ideas I can carry until completion. That is my mission, what is yours?

Clarity and energy to you!


Choosing to Be Something or Someone


Outcomes. Processes. Identity. These three layers are described in James Clear book Atomic Habits in terms of lasting change. Changes that start from identity are the lasting changes, where as outcome based (i.e. lose 10 kg of weight) are the least lasting ones.

If you are a sporty person, then it makes sense to do things a sporty person does.

I am in in crossroads.

Age of question “what I want to become when I grow up?”

Even though I learned a much better version of this question from Tom Rath (in terms of my strength, what kind of contribution I want to do to the world), I am still struggling.

I am kind of doing and becoming all the time something. And if I am not doing, that is the scariest thing of them all.

There is the “same same but different option”.

Then there is the new and different option.

Then there is to do nothing option.

Any many variations of these.

Mostly I am struggling with the thing that based on what I like to do and where I think my strengths are, I do not know even if these are enough.

I know that from these crossroads moments I am probably going to take a peek to the unknown. What is known, is known and there is a reason that personally I do not want to see that movie in any time soon.

Decisions have lasting impacts. It’s like the thought of choosing the problems, choosing the suffering, choosing the happiness. Thinking about the “bad” actually helps to cause action in the present. Present action will lead to happier future moments and problems.

What to Do When Do Not Know What to Do?




Breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Listen to your body, what it is telling you?

Listen to your mind.

Observe and let go: you are not your thoughts or your sensations.

Do not fight yourself. Acknowledge for what ever you might find. Acknowledging what ever is, is the first step to wisdom.

Be there with the flow…

Realize you are the flow.

You are not your worries.

You are not your failures.

You are not your successes.

You are the flow.


Embrace it.

Be it.

Share it.

Have a flowful day 😊


What You Are Grateful of Will Increase

Our experience of life is where are attention is.

What could you be doing instead of judging, worrying or complaining?

You could be grateful.

You could be joyous.

You could be creative.

Mostly when we feel lack, we are creating the scarcity for ourselves. We do not see how abundant the present moment is.

Being grateful is possible when you have nothing. In fact what ever is our circumstance, we have quite a bit of control over our own focus. We can decide what to focus upon: is it what is good, is it to the opportunities or is it to the negative. It’s our choice and our power.

Where and how we focus, that will increase.

Thank you for your attention, joy and energy to your life!


About Human Thinking Capacity


Ability to think and not act on impulse is one great feat that most of us humans are capable of.

Being able to do, does not that we are doing it all the time and in all circumstances.

Thinking as an ability can bring tremendous value to where ever you are. The value of thinking is high, yet I fail to see abundance of thinkers who can also sell their high value at a high price. Therefore great thinking often goes unnoticed and underappreciated. Yet thinking also provides intrinsic value for the one who is doing it, it gives meaning and deep satisfaction to be able to serve something greater. Purpose and meaning is often times the main reason to engage in thinking activity.

“What is most thought-provoking in these thought-provoking times, is that we are still not thinking.” — Martin Heidegger

When I read this quote by Martin Heidegger, I thought it was spot on. Then my judgmental mind turned on and thought “wait, Heidegger…” I proceeded to learn more about him in Wikipedia. I am no-one to judge.

He even wrote similar thoughts what I’ve had “Agriculture is now a motorized food industry, the same thing in its essence as the production of corpses in the gas chambers and the extermination camps, the same thing as blockades and the reduction of countries to famine, the same thing as the manufacture of hydrogen bombs.”

Who could say that any life is less valuable than human life? Of course there are long traditions of believing and acting otherwise. Yet, for example does long tradition of human sacrifice or slavery make it right?

These are deep questions and I am no-one to judge. This is why we need to stop and think for ourselves.

Is what I am doing is it right? What it is based on? Is it fear? Is it love?

Read Deep Work by Cal Newport, if you want to understand more deeply what value your thinking can do.

Joy and energy to you 🖖


You Are Safe: Feel Assured


Fear of death is hard coded into us.

As representatives of lives we have survived and continue on.

You have something to give. What parts of it you can give today?

Giving is a form of love towards. It’s part of the love story that is in between life and death.

Death is stagnation.

Life is movement.

We should rather be in movement, giving to and of ourselves than stagnate and die.

Fear cripples. Breathe shortens. Hasn’t death yet won?

Every moment we have choice to either move or stagnate.

Stopping is different than stagnation. Assurance and calmness are different than fear. Yet all look surprisingly similar.

Fear creates scarcity.

Love creates abundance.

Love is connection.

Fear is disconnection.

Ambassador of which you would like to be or become?

What you feel, you’ll represent. You can choose your feeling through your breathing. If you breathe deeply you are connected to love, if your breathing is shallow and non-existent you’ll join the ranks of death.

Breathe deeply,


Service is the Best Marketing


Simplest and most satisfying definition for service is in Cambridge Dictionary as “provision of a public need.”

Essentially the idea of service is to understand what people need and then serving that.

Bhavad Gita (as well as many other eastern and western tradition) have this concept of selfless service. In Bhagavad Gita it’s clearly explained that it’s selfless service that no new karma is born. Selfless service is a form of practice (Karma yoga or “yoga of action”) through which you can even consider practice to lessen the burden of karma.

In a selfless form you do not even expect any results out of the service. So in a sense it is a pure way of giving and serving.

In reality of course we are not able to devote total of our time to selfless service. There are some shorter term needs and solutions to be solved, such as livelihood or today’s meal for example.

Of course as brilliant creative minds we can solve this problems in time and for everyone. These are not problems that cannot be solved or and greatly delayed. In fact for many people it has already been possible and for many more especially the delay is already quite substantial.

Marketing is not a problem, marketing wrong things in a wrong time for wrong people is a problem and waste.

In many systems there are waste, something that is unnecessary to cause the desired effects. Then there are positive examples too. People are amazing by nature as long as they keep open mind and desire to learn for the good of as many as possible (“greater good”).

Sometimes service is communication, sometimes is more subtle.

Marketing is human, because it is about understanding the needs of people in deep way in order to service them in a deeply gratifying way.

Joy and energy! 🖖


Focus on What You Can Do


Input is the work you do. You should do work every day to make greatest contribution (read Tiny Action Towards the Greatest Contribution).

You should design your days therefore action oriented.

Action is something you, yourself can do and decide about.

It’s about the use of your time and attention within that time. Where are you going to focus your attention to? You can choose and decide where you put your attention.

Where you put your attention, grows and gets stronger.

If it’s not in the right place, wrong things will come to your life and you will feel dissatisfied.

If it’s in the right place and right things, you’ll feel deep satisfaction and sense of progress with your life. Even if the actual outcome is still far ahead.

We are not our outcomes. We must understand that outcomes are shaped by small frequent actions piled on top of each other.

At best there are even many tiny, frequent actions working in harmony (other people), towards the similar purpose or goal. This is what I call the harmony of virtues.

What actions today, would bring about the greatest contribution to others?

Where is your attention?

Where do you spend your time?

How do you measure the actions within that time?

What you measure, can grow stronger. What you measure can be improved.

Measuring gives you feedback. If you do not measure it, it’s not clear enough. Measuring is a key.

Effects usually are seen in single metrics such as sales or cash flow. Yet those metrics are outcomes of actions.

When measuring the actual doing, there needs to be taken account both volume of action and the quality of action. This contradiction is hard to grasp. There are people who vouch loudly for volume or the quality. Yet both can be true at the same time. What times of benefits would the increase of volume and quality bring?

Everything has to start with the volume. Passivity has to be transformed into action (volume and frequency of doing), before it can be transformed into harmonious action (quality).

Keep your focus in the present. Do not cling to past. Do not cling on what other people are doing.

What matters is your virtue in the present. As Jordan B. Peterson puts it: what is the smallest thing you could do that you would do?

Do those tiny things that you do as well as you can. That’s your effort, that’s your energy, that’s your contribution and a gift for the world.