What Would Happen If You Bought Investments and Assets Every Month?


Asset is something that brings you regularly income.

Investment is something which returns you more cash than the invested cash.

What would happen in your life if you found every month to invest in or an asset to purchase?

Numbers tell. You would have increasing income each month over time of course.

Idea is simple, yet it’s not practiced. Reasons are for example that people do not have definitions for asset or an investment right.

Stocks as such are not investments, they are portfolio ownings. However there are exceptions such as when you own companies that pay dividends (return money to their owners and if this happens consistently you may have an asset.  Good thing to remember that the reason companies pay dividends is that they return money to the owners, meaning that they do not have better investments for the money. In a sense now it’s your responsibility again to seek for a gainful investments or assets.

Therefore in the end it’s our own responsibility to find gainful assets and investments consistently. Every month is a good place to start. Once you form a habit out of it will become easier.

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