Belief Check


Our beliefs are not necessarily based on facts or understanding, which is problematic for our and the sake of others. What are your beliefs based on?

Most of how and what we do in the world are based on our current beliefs. Therefore checking what our beliefs are based on is rather ongoing project. A good place to start is in parts of life where we are most dissatisfied with. There is probably bunch of beliefs that are not helping our cause.

I prefer checking my beliefs through writing, it’s somehow easier to objectively just question through my thoughts.

By questioning and testing beliefs happens to create a more accurate sense of the world. We may get more complete each day, yet no number of days is enough to get complete. Our quality of life is determined by our beliefs about life.

We get surprisingly lot of our beliefs from our environment. Because we are part of our environment, if we start to do the conscious work of seeing what beliefs serve us and what do not, we already improve the environment as well as our own quality of life.

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