You Are the Beginning of Your Story


Start by acknowledging who and where you are. What you are feelings? Note you are not your feelings, or you are not your thoughts either.

What do you want to do? What are you telling yourself about that what you want to do? What kind of story are you telling to others about what you want to do.

That story which we tell; decides what we can do. You could rewrite that story if you wanted.

As an example I noticed seemingly harmless story to repeat to myself and to others where I would say that I’ve outsourced my memory to writing. The original intentions may’ve been a momentary comedy relief, however whenever stories are repeated they start to hold on to others meanings as well. With mindful introspection I started to think that this story has been particularly convenient excuse for whenever I’ve been too lazy to put the conscious effort to recall and explain.

The story that was maybe spontaneously created, started to seem so good to that I’ve got to the habit of using it. Unconsciously formed habits do not come without downsides: the motivation to use this particular story comes from desire to save energy. While that might be alright some of the time, there are also cases where I would be better serving my purpose actually bothering to recall and use mental effort have meaningful dialogue.

With a bit of space and time, we observe ourselves and become mindful of our stories. When we recognize the mental, emotional states we are in and where we would like to be with these stories we can write better ones. Better stories serve everyone and your story can become part of our story.

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