Know-How Not Lotto


The key realization that I’ve from my life so far is that easy and comfortable start does not equal to easy and comfortable finish. In fact what makes life fun is its unpredictability. Work is a magic factor in that unpredictability that can minimize the risks and maximize the probabilities.

Therefore I don’t believe in lotto, I believe in probabilities.

Easy and comfortable is the lotto mindset, a mindset that I used to have for about first twenty years of my life. I had an easy and comfortable life and I was quite shocked as I realized that the reality is not adjusting to my comfort levels at all times.

My first reaction was to try to avoid the truth, escape it. That didn’t work very well, so a bit by bit I started to accept it and accept the responsibilities with it.

A bit by bit my mindset changed from wanting the easy and comfortable, to wanting challenges that are a bit strenuous and uncomfortable. This accompanied me with the realization that in order to grow, we need to spend most of our time in the uncomfortable and strenuous activities.

As I write in how to develop courage, we have to spend most of our time outside our comfort zones and then recuperate in the zone of comfort.

The picture would look like this:


Work is both productive, and you learn. With this you can further reduce the risks and increase the probabilities of success.

If we focus to that which you can control, we will be better off. Lotto too is the game of probabilities, and unless the numbers are not with you, they are against you. Better choose a game where you’ve more control over the probabilities.

When you learn, you’ve more accurate sense of reality, risks and probabilities.  In the long run learning is the key. Luck is reserved for those who understand it is inevitable with right actions.

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