Book Review: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


The Big Leap is a book of action and calls for decisions about becoming genius that you are capable of. Gay Hendricks knows through his personal and professional experience, that even people who are already successful in many aspects of life, have limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent them from feeling and enjoying all the positive experiences they could.

I was looking for a book about excellence and I got recommended book about genius. I enjoyed this book tremendously and started to apply the lessons right away.

Here are some concepts that I am working on now based on this book:

  • Awareness about upper limit problems. Reflecting, journaling and finally dissolving them.
  • Creating more capacity for positive feelings and experiences by focusing to enjoy more to them.
  • Quitting limiting believes and behaviors.
  • Becoming the master of my own time; I understand now that I am my only source of time.

Right after finishing the book, I revisited my notes and highlights and I am convinced that this book will become a book of study: 5/5 stars.

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